Best Plants For Your Home Garden

A home garden makes any compound come alive. The different colors of flowers and leaves on plants add to the beauty of the environment. Home garden plants are also important as they keep the air fresh and clean. There are different types of plants suitable for your home garden. They can be vegetables, flowers or herbs. You can also mix two or more of these types of plants in a colorful way for a different look.

Whichever plant you intend to have in your garden, ensure that you have thorough knowledge of how it should be taken care of. It is good to go for plants which are not easily destroyed by termites and common weeds.

Vegetables as garden plants are excellent in that they not only make your garden look good; they also provide you with the greens to put on your table. The best vegetables include parsley, pepper and coriander among others. Herbs are increasingly becoming a popular choice of garden plant as more and more people embrace the use of herbs for food and medicinal value. They are easy to take care of in the garden. The best herbs to plant in your garden are mint, chives, lavender and tarragon among others.

Flowers are the other popular option for most home gardeners. There are flowers for all seasons to ensure that your home garden remains colorful throughout the year. There is the holly berry, tulip and amaryllis for winter; snowdrop and snowflake for spring; sunflower and marigold for summer and the sweet gum for fall.

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